Project Description

With two Trumpf laser systems designed to cut virtually any type of tubing – round, square, rectangular, oval – we are up for any project, big or small. Laser cutting opens the door to endless potential for your tube and pipe assembly by streamlining common cuts, perforations and projections at any angle.

The Trumpf system allows storage of tube bundles, accommodating up to 8000 pounds of material, and automatically loading and positioning tubes – in lengths up to 30 feet – without requiring operator intervention.

The ample flexibility of Bruder Built’s TruLaser Tube 7000 allows cutting almost any profile, whether on the end of a tube or along its length. Multiple-part features – traditionally requiring a variety of conventional machine tools to perform successive procedures – are now achieved with this one machine in a single cycle.

Such capabilities – combined with faster turn-around and zero tooling costs – have resulted in bringing precision laser cutting prices into line with those of other techniques.