About Bruder Built

Bruder Built maintains full committal to our clients, with ongoing improvement of our services and expertise. Our movement forward called for the construction of a new 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility opening the way to continued growth and improved service for the years ahead. Our genuine concern for the environment is displayed in the design of our new facility – which offers an abundance of natural light and operates on geothermal technology – enhanced by a natural trout pond on the premises pictured below.

Our mandate from the beginning has been to offer our valued customers superior quality and straightforward service at competitive prices. We constantly search for fresh and innovative ways to improve our service, to develop the market and to build our business. With superior products and excellent customer care, we are well on the way to attaining our goal by forming positive long-term relationships with both clients and suppliers.

If you want to arrange a visit to Bruder Built, expect a warm welcome from all the staff and “Buddy” 🙂

In keeping with today’s fast-moving pace, we remain ahead in acquiring innovative technology. Although our main focus is custom contract tube and flat sheet laser cutting and CNC forming, and a host of related services, Bruder Built encompasses so much more.

“Bruder Built has consistently provided us with parts that we have confidence in reselling as part of our own products. They have also always been efficient in respect to costs and time.”

John D

“We have been very impressed with the equipment and capabilities Bruder Built has to offer. We highly value our relationship with them.”

Phil L